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Lockdown update:

We were really hoping to be able to reopen the Repair Cafe in February but that will not be possible, please check our Facebook page for the most up to date information on when we can  reopen or call the Parish Council office on 01342 822661 for more information. 

News from the Repair Cafe:

Sometimes at the Repair Cafe jobs can take longer than we have the time for in a morning session so our fabulous repairers may agree to take them home with them and carry on the job. This clock was one of those cases and taken home by our watch repairer Don. In the photos you will see how much work Don did and how amazing it now looks when it was returned.

This was the thanks I recieved from the very grateful family....

Please could you convey our thanks to Don for the amazing job he did on our very sorry looking clock. It was a real “Wow” moment, when we first saw it and it now stands for all to see on our fireplace.

Our clock was not the only item that your wonderful team of crafts people repaired for us. We also had an old gas lamp that my father had converted to electric, which no longer worked. Keith kindly repaired this for us.

We highly recommend the Repair Cafe to anyone who has broken or damaged items that they would love to see working again.

Thank you once again.


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